Liquid Lobster is the DC area's premiere jam band, taking their lead from jamband heavyweights the Grateful Dead and Phish, and putting their own stamp on every song they play.

This year the Grateful Dead celebrate their 50th anniversary in collaboration with Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. With their repitoire full of dozens of songs by both the Dead and Phish, Liquid Lobster is the perfect band to help venues capitalize on the publicity and excitement surrounding these historic concerts.

But Liquid Lobster is no mere "cover' band,  and they don't just  noodle over the same chords and call it a jam. They're known for their deep, exploratory improvisations and their turn-on-a-dime precision playing, and their debut original CD, The Airing of the Groovances, recieved great reviews from a wide range of media including Relix Magazine, and was played on over 100 radio stations nationally.

Their shows are high-energy and ppl dance and drink your booze. Book us motherfucker!

Have a listen to some studio and live material